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Protection from accidental damage costs
What is Tenant's Liability Insurance?
In rented accommodation, damage to the landlord's property or contents can mean that the deposit is not enough to cover the cost of the damage.
For example if a tenant (who paid a £450 deposit) leaves a tap running, causing damage to the ceiling and light fitting downstairs costing £785, who will pay the difference? This product protects everyone! Protects the tenant and the landlord for accidental damage to the landlord's building or contents with cover options up to £10,000.
  • Protecting the Landlord
  • Protecting the Tenant
  • Protecting the Agent
  • Ensures the landlord does not get unexpected bills for accidental damage caused by the tenant.
  • Ensures the tenant is not left out of pocket for accidental damage to the landlords property.
  • Ensures continuance of good reputation by protecting both the tenant and landlord.