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Keep the rent coming in!
Including cover for the NEW Right-to-Rent Protection
What is Rent Guarantee?
Rent Guarantee protects the Landlord’s Rental Income if a tenant suddenly stops paying the rent. PLUS your Insurers will handle all of the legalities from start to finish if you need to evict a Tenant.
Covers Rents up to £2,500 pcm!
You could get total income protection up to £ 30,000 depending on your monthly rental income cover PLUS £ 25,000 of Legal & Eviction costs which are arranged by the Insurer. It's not tenancy specific so you could have two separate lots of tenants (on 6 months AST) over a 12 month period.
Who is it best for?
Any Landlord or Agent wanting to protect their Rental Income when the Tenant won’t pay.
What is Right-to-Rent Protection?

From 1st Feb 2016 a new scheme is being rolled out across the whole of England.

A Landlord or Agent MUST legally check that their tenant has a right to rent and be in the UK by verifying their passport, checking the visa and authenticity as best they can. Landlords letting to any overseas visitors have to comply with this legislation and failure to do so could result in being legally chanllenged by the authorities.

This product covers legal costs if a landlord or agent who believes they have followed the rules, results in being taken to court and incurring costs and stress of defending themselves.

Click here to find out more about the new rules.

  • Rent Payments Covered
  • Tenant Eviction
  • PLUS!
  • Stones
  • Stones
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  • Stones
  • Your rent continues to be paid when the tenant can't or won't pay.
    Up to £30,000
  • Full Eviction process carried out on your behalf when a Tenant can't or won't pay.
  • Legal costs covered up to £25,000
  • From Day one your Insurers will pay your Rent.
Key Features - one policy per property
  • 6 or 12 months policies available.
  • Payment of rent arrears.
  • Obtaining a court date and Possession Order.
  • Handling & payment of legal & professional costs.
  • Payments will continue to be made beyond the policy expiry date in the event of an on going claim. (subject to policy limits)
  • Full Insurance Cover underwritten by leading UK Insurers.
  • All property types (excluding HMO's).
  • All tenant types can be covered (excluding local authority referrals & asylum seekers).
  • Also available in Scotland (meets Scottish legislation).
  • Legal Expenses - Our Insurer partners will negotiate and defend your legal rights:
    • If you are Legally challenged by the Authorities due to the new Right-to-Rent scheme.(where you evidence that you have followed the correct procedures).
    • To defend your legal rights if an incident arising from you letting your property leads to you being prosecuted in a criminal court - up to £25,000.