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Be prepared for the unexpected
What is Boiler Breakdown & Emergency Assistance Insurance?
This protects you against the hassle and inconvenience of a domestic emergency from failure of the heating system through to failure of the plumbing or electrics. Instead of the landlord or agent arranging call-outs and workmen, just call us and we’ll get it sorted for you.
Tenants and Landlords can call in an emergency!
Our policy allows tenants to report an emergency directly themselves. (Most other Insurers only deal directly with the Landlord.) This is great for the tenant if the property is managed by an agent OR if the landlord lives overseas or is even on holiday. It’s also beneficial to the Landlord if the tenant can get repairs underway immediately and save the property from further damage if the problem is left unsorted for a length of time.
How quickly will you respond?
Your Insurers have arranged a team of contractors to be on standby to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Key Features
  • Plumbing & Drainage
  • Sudden, damage to, blocage, flooding or breakage of, the pluming and drainage system within your home which has, or is likely to cause internal water leakage, flooding or water damage to the home
  • Failure of Electricty Supply
  • To restore the domestic electrical system in your home if it suffers a sudden unexpected, complete failure.
  • Failure of Main Heating System
  • To restore the main heating and/or hot water to your home following the sudden and unexpected complete failure of the main heating system.
  • Failure of Water Supply
  • To restore the water supply following a sudden unexpected leakage, collapse or blockage of the mains water supply pipe from where it is connected to the public or shared water supply pipe within the boundary of your home, to the main stopcock in your home.
  • Emergency Gas Supply Pipe Cover
  • To repair or replace any damaged section of the internal gas pipe following a gas leak in your home. Assistance will only be provided once the National Gas Emergency Service has attended and isolated the leak.
  • Inoperable Toilet
  • Where the sudden and unexpected failure of the only toilet within the home which has resulted in internal water leakage, flooding or water damage to the home. Assistance will be provided if the toilet becomes inoperable and there is no other toilet in your home.
  • Security
  • Following the failure of external doors, external windows or external locks causing your property to be unsafe or insecure.
  • Roofing
  • Which has arisen from damage to the roof of your home due to bad weather conditions or falling trees or branches.
  • Alternative Accommodation
  • Where your home is declared unsafe your Insurers will provide a contribution toward alternative accommodation to up a maximum limit of £250.
  • Pest Control
  • Assistance will be provided to you in the removal of or extermination of wasps, hornets, rates and mice infestation in the home.
  • Cooker / Oven
  • Assistance will be provided to you in restoring a means of heating and preparing food within the home following an emergency arising from the sudden, unexpected and complete failure of the permanently-installed cooking system.
  • Policy Limit
  • Up to £500 per claim. Up to 3 call-outs during the period of cover.