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In partnership with Equifax we can now provide FULL & in-depth Credit Data!

We can provide details on a tenant’s actual credit status. We can ALSO tell you whether they are in arrears with loans or credit cards, and how much of their available credit they are using.

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Register your tenants and report any late payers.
Makes it easier to spot the good and bad tenants and keep control of your finances!

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NEW! Estate Agent AML Compliant Checks

Following the new legislation for Estate Agents we are able to supply AML compliant checks to give you peace of mind that you are trading compliantly.

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Insurance Products
  • Landlords Buildings
  • Rent Guarantee
  • Tenants Liability
  • Tenants Contents
  • Eviction Expenses
  • Emergency Breakdown

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We are still your one-stop shop for obtaining Tenant Referencing and Insurance but we’re always evolving and adding to our product portfolio to keep ahead of the game!

With our vast experience we are serving Landlords, Tenants & Agents nationwide 24 hours a day, providing accurate and detailed tenant reports.

As authorised Insurance agents we can provide you with access to specialist Insurance products.

Affordability Calculator

Work out the maximum rent an applicant or guarantor can comfortably cover based on current income.

First select the applicant type, either a standard rental applicant or a guarantor. Then type the income amount into the calculator. The top figure is the amount this person can reasonably afford per month. If they apply for a property with a higher monthly rent value we would fail their reference.

Annual Salary
Rent per month